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Even if it makes others uncomfortable,
I will love who I am.
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Song: Satisfaction
Artist: Eve
Album: Eve-Olution
Plays: 26

"Ain’t nothin’ happenin’, this whole shit is my shit bitch and I’m the captain."

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Song: Love Don't Come EZ
Artist: Paul Brown
Album: The Funky Joint
Plays: 28

Paul Brown - Love Don’t Come EZ

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Song: All About You
Artist: Boney James
Album: Ride
Plays: 36

"It’s all about you…"

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Song: Breakfast Can Wait
Artist: Prince
Album: 3rd Eye Girl
Plays: 28

Prince - Breakfast Can Wait

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Song: Ocean Blue
Artist: Steve Oliver
Album: Positive + Energy
Plays: 30

Steve Oliver: Ocean Blue

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Song: Downtown (Wet Extended Mix)
Artist: SWV
Album: It's About Time
Plays: 188

This is the sexiest version of the song “Downtown” by SWV. It’s so good, I only listen to this one.

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Song: Holidae In ft. Ludacris & Snoop Dogg
Artist: Chingy
Album: Jackpot
Plays: 24

Chingy ft. Ludacris & Snoop Dogg - Holidae In

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Song: Staying Power
Artist: Barry White
Album: Staying Power
Plays: 40

"I’ve got staying power. Just when you think it’s over. I’ll come right back again."

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Song: You're My Everything
Artist: Angela Winbush
Album: Angela Winbush
Plays: 34

You’re My Everything by Angela Winbush